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Intact antique and vintage magazines are becoming increasingly difficult to find.  Photograph by Julia Henri.
Just a few of the antique magazines from the collections used to create this blog. Photograph by Julia Henri.

This newly pressed blog was created
with the hope of highlighting what is rarely seen.

The Gilded Times is dedicated to all the writers, illustrators, photographers, artists, editors, agents and publishers in our past.

Topics are culled from antique and vintage
magazines & newspapers dating back to 1840.

This blog is just the beginning of a long term project.

Posts are created using digitally enhanced illustrations
and photographs with the goal that even the
smallest details might be understood and appreciated.

Every story is paraphrased, edited, researched and referenced.

Biographies about the journalists, illustrators & photographers who
originally wrote the stories are typically included.

Blog entries are posted as time permits between professional writing assignments.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my work.

Thank you.

Thank you for Following this blog through WordPress
or through Google+ and of course, Twitter.


Original text & photographs ©2014 through 2015

Julia Henri
Please use citations and references to The Gilded Times.

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The Gilded Times

Journalist. Photographer. Illustrator.

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